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The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies

The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies


By Nicole Apelian PH.D & Claude Davis.


There are limited book in the market!


This a rare book in the natural health and healing world. The Pharmaceutical Company's and Hospitals are working hard to get the book remove totally from circulation, They want it out of the books store, off of any social media outlets, off of the online stores and any second hand book store as well. 


They don't want the general public to know that there are naturally grown herbs and  plants, that can cure all of the different illinesses that the human family faces daily. They want to keep our Children, US and the Elderly heavily medicated. So BIG PHARMA and the Doctors continue to make unthinkable amount of profits off of the medications that the subscribe to US daily.  Just look at were ever you may live hospitals expansion is taking place, and you say why is that, might you ask? Because they know that the American public is getting sicker by the day! 


This BOOK should be right next to the book that you WORSHIP!

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