Post Jab Detox Bundle Package

Post Jab Detox Bundle Package


This is the EXACT PROTOCOL you need to follow if you have Already RECIEVED the JAB or know that you will NEED to in the near future due to your state or employment mandates!


This is the ultimate guide to cleanse your body of toxins and prepare your body for natural healing! Cleanse your:
-Lymphatic System




-and More!



10 Detox Full Body Detox

10 Parasite/Liver Detox


Carbon Activated Charcoal

Vitamin D3 10000mg

Vitamin C 1000mg

Vitamin A

VItamin E

Zinc 50 mg

Marshmallow Root

Burdock Root


Cayenne Pepper

Pine Nettle Tea


Before getting the jab,  start drinking Pine Nettle Tea, twice a day daily,  start drinking 3 glasses of water with activated charcoal, and start your 10 full body detox, after completing your 10 detox, start your 10 day Parasite/Liver Cleanse.


Once your 10 day full body detox has been completed you can start taken your additional herbs and vitamins on the 11 day.