Male 6 Pack (Testosterone/Libido) Booster- Discount Price

Male 6 Pack (Testosterone/Libido) Booster- Discount Price


Male 6 pack to Boost your (Testosterone/Libido)


When men reach the age of 30 years old, there Testosterone/Libido will drop every year, regardless to how good you feel or how good of shape you may be in.  It will drop even faster if your a daily consumer of alcohol and smoke regularly. We have put together a 6 pack of herbs that will increase your Testosterone/Libido. This 6 pack will give you an increase of energy, boost athletic performance, increase muscle strength, reduces blood pressure, sincreae blood flow, strengthen major heart muscle, fights free radicals, reduce stress, improve mood, increase your stamina, increase men's girth,  help efficient erection, reduce erectile dyfunction.


This 6 pack of herbs will make a older man feel like a youthful young man again! We call this pack the "Natural Viagra" for being a powerful aphrodisiac!


Retail Price $210


Lion's Jungle-(Retail price $40)


Organic Cayenne Pepper-(Retail price $30)


Organic Tongkat Ali- (Retail price $40)


Garlic Oil Perles-(Retail price $25)


Organic Sea Moss-(Retail $35)


Huanarpro-(Retail $40)



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